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How do I apply for temporary work?

To apply for temporary work using your skilled office or skilled warehouse experience, please stop by our office during regular business hours. You don’t need an appointment. We recommend arriving no later than 3:00 p.m. to allow plenty of time for the process.

What should I bring with me to apply for temporary work?

If you have a résumé and haven’t yet emailed it to us, please bring a printed copy. Bring with you the names and contact information (including email and phone) for two or three business references.

What will happen when I apply?

You will complete an application form, including a consent form for pre-employment background checks, and payroll forms. We may ask you to do testing relevant to your workplace experience. For skilled office work, this may include typing and numeric data entry tests, as well as assessments for strengths using Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, and/or PowerPoint. We don’t force you to test on any software you don’t know. However, the more skills you can demonstrate, the better the chances that we may have clients needing your expertise. After your visit, a Frank’s consultant will review your application and skill testing. If we are likely to have clients needing temporary coverage for your availability and skill set, then you may be invited back for an in-person interview.

What kinds of temporary work will be available?

Assignments vary based on the short-term staffing needs of our companies. Our assignments are usually for employees experienced with skilled office or skilled warehouse work. This includes general office, administrative assistant, receptionist, executive assistant, accounting, bookkeeping, and customer service roles. We do not handle day labor or unskilled factory jobs. Pay for temporary work depends upon the skills used for that assignment. The range is usually $11-13 per hour, sometimes higher for positions requiring more specialized skills. Most temporary openings are full-time days within regular business hours (8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., weekdays). Less frequently, we have shift positions or jobs that involve part-time hours.

How soon will I be working after I apply?

Temporary work can be unpredictable because it depends upon the short-term staffing needs of local employers.  Whether you are contacted for a temporary assignment depends in turn upon your availability, your wage expectations, and the skills you have that match the client’s need. We keep you in mind from the first day you apply for temporary work. It is not unusual for an applicant to be assigned or actually start work the same day that they apply.  It is good advice to come prepared to start work when you apply. Since most of our temporary assignments need to be booked quickly and aren’t advertised, it helps for you to check in once each week with our receptionist to keep your status active.

Should I consider temp-to-hire opportunities?

The temp-to-hire process for a permanent position gives both you (as a prospective employee) and the employer an opportunity to “try out” the fit. It enables you to get a better sense of the responsibilities in the role, the learning curve you would have, and the workplace dynamics. The length of the temporary period in temp-to-hire is determined by the hiring employer. We do our best to be clear with you about what to expect for the temporary period, but the decision is ultimately the employer’s choice.