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How do I apply for permanent placement?

What should I do if I have questions to address before sending my résumé?

We gladly discuss your questions and concerns to make the best use of your time. You may self-schedule a brief call with our recruiter by contacting us.

How will I know that you have received my résumé?

You will receive an automatic reply to confirm that it reached us. Depending on your email settings, it might go into your junk mail or spam folder. So be sure to check those folders if you don’t see it quickly in your own inbox.

What happens after I send my résumé?

Our recruiter reviews the materials you submitted, then adds notes in our database to help all of our consultants keep you in mind for any suitable new leads. If the consultant who reviews your materials has questions about your search priorities, we will follow up by email. Depending on the volume of résumés that we are receiving, this review can take 1-3 days.

Will I hear from someone if I applied for an advertised opening?

The Frank’s consultant working on the advertised opening will contact you if you are one of the top-qualified applicants based on the client’s requirements and priorities. We also make every effort to communicate with applicants who meet the basic advertised criteria, but aren’t the best overall fit. Given the number of people applying, we don’t always have time to convey a decision to every individual who applies. If you haven’t heard from us and believe you match all of the advertised requirements, please follow up with us.

When will I interview with you?

We value your time and energy for the demanding job search process. So we usually interview when we have a specific opportunity for which you are a strong candidate based on the hiring employer’s priorities.

How soon will I be employed?

Since we handle the full range of skilled, professional, and managerial openings for our client companies, we don’t have a definite timeframe for when we may have suitable leads for you. That said, we will be keeping you in mind from the first day we receive and review your résumé. We are one resource for you among many. We expect that you will also continue to actively look for opportunities through other resources and networks.

Is my contact with you confidential? I don’t want my current employer to know that I’m looking.

We fully respect the confidentiality of your search. We use only the email and phone information that you provide for contacting you. We would not contact your employer, your supervisor, or any coworkers for a reference without your express consent.