Top local talent. Flexible HR solutions. Better value.

We work as a team to offer you the best choices in top talent, reducing your stress by meeting your workforce needs.

Our tradition of excellence includes expertise in assisting with targeted and specific human resources concerns. From testing and prescreening of a prospective employee that you’ve found on your own, to establishing skill benchmarks for your current employees, to easing the transition for a departing long-term employee, we are equipped and ready to help with your workplace needs.

Consulting Services

  • Job description creation
  • Competitive salary research
  • Skill assessment for prospective and/or current employees
  • Interviewing guidance
  • Legally compliant background screening, including annual screenings such as DMV checks for drivers to satisfy insurance requirements
  • Outplacement processes
  • Consultation for your strategic direction and succession planning

Outplacement Services

Providing outplacement assistance to exiting employees serves as a final thank you for their valued work and contribution to your business success. In addition, it improves morale and confidence in your remaining staff who see this manifestation of support and appreciation.

As a full-service staffing agency, our outplacement services offer a unique solution:

  • We negotiate pricing based on the level of service needed for you and for the employee leaving
  • Given our extensive business network, we initiate contact with our client employers who may need the skills this former employee brings and offer placement on a fee-prepaid basis

Services in the outplacement process include:

  • Onsite presence to support your manager on the day of termination
  • Lending emotional support through the grief of the severance experience
  • Developing résumés, cover letters, and marketing materials for the former employee
  • Discussing job search strategies, priorities, and tools
  • Providing interview instruction
  • Showing that your company cares about their well-being in this transition