Top local talent.  Flexible HR solutions.  Better value.

We work as a team to offer you the best choices in top talent, reducing your stress by meeting your workforce needs.

Emergency coverage for a day or two when an employee is out unexpectedly. Vacations, medical leaves, maternity leaves, and other longer-term employee absences.  Balancing workload and completing special projects to free time for your permanent staff. Transitional period to better assess your prospective employee. Whatever your need, we have qualified, prescreened local candidates.

What will it cost to have a temporary employee?

The cost depends upon several factors, including the skills required from the Frank’s temporary, the length of the assignment, and the workers’ compensation risk associated with the work.

What screenings and background checks are standard for your temporary employees?

We interview our temporaries, test their office skills, and check their employment references. Our standard pre-assignment background check includes a social security trace, as well as criminal background checks for work-relevant concerns.

We can offer a pre-employment drug screen as needed for consistency with your workforce practices. We can also offer credit checks when appropriate and in compliance with state and federal laws.

How will my company be invoiced?

You pay an hourly bill rate for actual hours worked by the Frank’s temporary. We pay our temporaries weekly, so we bill our temporary customers weekly.

Invoices can be sent to you by standard mail, fax, or email. Due upon receipt.

What does Frank’s cover through my hourly bill rate?

  • Temporary employee’s hourly wage
  • FICA and payroll taxes
  • Unemployment compensation insurance
  • Workers’ compensation insurance
  • Comprehensive liability insurance
  • 401(k) retirement plan contribution for long-term temps
  • We provide W2 reports
  • We provide ACA notices

What if the assigned temporary isn’t a fit for our needs?

If a Frank’s temporary assigned to you proves to be unsuitable within the first three work hours, please notify us immediately. There will be no charge to you for those hours worked.

What happens if I’d like to hire a Frank’s temporary?

Temporaries often become outstanding permanent employees. They have already been trained to your processes, oriented to your staff, and proven in their skills for the job.

We offer discounted rates for the permanent placement fee when you hire a Frank’s temporary.