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We work as a team to offer you the best choices in top talent, reducing your stress by meeting your workforce needs.

Offering a larger candidate pool than temp-to-hire (including job seekers who currently work for another company), direct-hire placement saves you time and effort for advertising, recruiting, contacting, and prequalifying applicants.

What will it cost to directly hire a Frank’s candidate on to our payroll?

Your one-time placement fee is usually a percentage of your new employee’s starting annual salary or annualized wage.  We offer choices in the pricing structure based upon the level of service you need during the hiring process.

What services are involved when you assist with direct hire?

  • Advertising of the opportunity and recruiting of additional candidates.
  • Processing and prioritizing of résumés and other materials submitted by applicants.
  • Prescreening of applicants based on your hiring priorities and preferences.
  • Initial interviews to better assess the skills, experience, career goals, and work style of top-qualified individuals.
  • Communication with applicants who don’t meet your hiring expectations.
  • Checking references; investigating backgrounds; substantiating résumé details.
  • Presenting candidates to you, including their résumés, their pertinent skills testing, and our observations about the excellence of the match with your priorities and preferences.
  • Facilitating your communication with preferred candidates.

How long will it take to find a suitable new employee?

The timeframe for successful placement varies, depending upon your hiring criteria and availability of qualified individuals. We start the search on the same day you request our assistance; we keep you regularly updated throughout the process.

What if the new employee isn’t the right fit?

Each direct-hire placement is guaranteed for at least three months. We provide replacement for that position at no additional cost to your firm.

I need to hire for a position not shown on your list of frequent searches. Can you do that?

We recruit for the full range of skilled and professional positions. Our list is indicative, not exhaustive. We will be honest if we feel that we’re not likely to find a suitable new employee from among our candidate network.  It may be to our mutual best interest for Frank’s to collaborate with an industry specialist and manage the recruiting process for a position that might ordinarily be out of our area of expertise.