Digital interviews: see the best; hear the best; choose the best!

We recently started using digital interviews as a first step in our hiring process with candidates for select searches. These recorded audio interviews provide 4 or 5 questions specific to an actual opening for one of our clients. The applicant has up to 3 minutes to record an audio response, giving more information about their… Read more »

3 Tips on ACA employer mandate – KDHRA luncheon

The employer mandate of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was the core topic of our presentation yesterday at the Kane DuPage HR Association luncheon. Attorneys Michael F. Hughes and Rebecca Dobbs Bush, partners with Smith Amundsen, led the robust and informative discussion on “Health Care Reform – Developing a Strategy Your Company Can… Read more »

Interview tips for small employers

Interviewing approaches and question content are as diverse these days as the employers and employees hiring! A local employer recently asked how to approach their interview with a prospective employee. Since they have long-term staff (with tenures averaging 10 years or more), they don’t hire very often ~ and hence, don’t interview very often. We… Read more »

3 Tips on social networking and business – KDHRA luncheon

Helen Mikulski and Julie Belloli (of The Management Association of Illinois) brought a lively and informative presentation on “Social Networking and Presence” to our October luncheon yesterday for the Kane DuPage HR Association. Top 3 tips: 90-9-1 Rule. 90% of people on social networking sites are passively present, viewing your business content but not actively… Read more »

Back to School Rituals

Growing up in a family of public school teachers and life-long learners, the last days of August were my favorite time of year.  So many back-to-school rituals. Buying the new school supplies needed for the next grade level.  Finding new clothes and new shoes, having outgrown the ones that fit just a year ago.  Anticipating… Read more »

My Thursday smile

I met my husband for lunch yesterday at Smitty’s On The Corner in downtown St. Charles.  Their fast, friendly service and tasty food  is plenty of reason to grin.  But yesterday there was an extra and unexpected reason to smile. Ahead of me in line there were two young boys.  Unaccompanied by adults, I’m guessing… Read more »

Business references: three strikes and you’re out

I recently interviewed a bright, engaging individual with a great work history who seemed to be a perfect match for a leadership role with one of my client companies.  My client interviewed him and thought the same. Then we checked his references.  There were no negative references.  Even so, this seemingly qualified candidate self-sabotaged through… Read more »