Happy Holidays Ahead!


As we approach the last days of 2016, our staff at Frank’s Employment is hoping that you and yours enjoy happy holidays in the coming weeks!

Our office will be closed for several days surrounding the holiday weekends:

  • Thursday, December 22nd ~ open!
  • Friday, December 23rd ~ closed
  • Monday, December 26th ~ closed
  • Tuesday, December 27th ~ open!
  • Wednesday, December 28th ~ open!
  • Thursday, December 29th ~ open!
  • Friday, December 30th ~ open!
  • Monday, January 2nd ~ closed

If you are assigned and working as a Frank’s temporary, weekly payroll is still planned to be available each Thursday of those shorter weeks. Since our office is closed on Monday (12/26) and Monday (1/2), time reports are expected as of 10 a.m. on the respective Tuesdays. Better yet, please send your time reports at the end of the work week to ensure they’re received in time for our bookkeeper to process them!

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