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3 simple hacks to prepare for our office skill testing


For many job seekers, the prospect of skill testing as part of the hiring process can feel pretty daunting. After all, as adults in the workplace we don’t experience structured testing very often. So this nervousness is natural. Here are three suggestions to help you feel more confident and prepared for our general office skill assessments.

  1. Practice typing for accuracy.
    A basic typing test is required for nearly every office position we handle, from data entry to executive support. A few clients, whose work is heavily focused on document production (such as a law firm), require a minimum typing speed. Most of our client employers care more about the accuracy than the speed, especially since much of the typing is in databases. To prepare for our typing test, we recommend that you practice typing with a focus on accuracy. Use an article from your favorite magazine, newspaper, or website for the content. Then try one of the online typing tests to gauge both your speed and your improved accuracy.
  2. Practice typing with different keyboards.
    Especially for our temporary work, the keyboard you use will vary from one workplace to another. And for the skill assessment, you will use our standard keyboard. To prepare for our typing and numeric data entry tests, we recommend that you practice typing on different keyboards so that your brain circuits and muscle memory will be more flexible for whatever keyboard you’re using. For example, you might try using a laptop keyboard, a desktop keyboard, and one available at your local library.
  3. Practice numeric data entry with all characters.
    Our numeric data entry skill assessment is used for a wide variety of positions, from inventory control to staff accountant. For that reason, the test requires that you enter “0” and “.” in ways that might be different from how you enter numbers for accounting (where fields automatically provide the decimal point and/or fill-in zero). To prepare for our numeric data entry test, we recommend that you practice entering data, such as stock prices or sports scores, entering all of the visual characters without relying on auto-fill for decimals or zeros.

The more office skills you demonstrate, the more options we may have for new employment!  See our current advertised direct-hire, temp-to-hire, and temporary job openings.  And use our tips to help you ace that skill testing with confidence!


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by Elyse Williamson



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