December ~ a window of opportunity for your job search!


It was mid-morning on Thursday. I was returning from visiting a couple of client employers, dropping off temporary payroll. Walking from my car to the double doors of our building, I was distracted and thinking about other “work stuff.” As I reached the top of the steps and started to pull open the door, something amazing caught my eye. I stopped to look again.

For autumn, we enjoyed gorgeous urns of potted chrysanthemums on that porch area. The lovely rust blooms welcomed us each morning. But these urns were on the north side of the building. With the seasonal transition and the sun moving farther south, that side of the building is always shaded now. So those beautiful blooms were also continuously shaded.

And that’s what caught my eye on that Thursday. One side of the potted mums was radiant in full sunlight!

How could that be, I wondered. Then it struck me. For about an hour each morning, the sunlight that comes streaming through the big windows on the south side of our building is angled so that it also then streams fully into the open hallway and out through the smaller windows on the north side of our building. And for just that one hour each morning, the sunlight from the south falls upon the otherwise-shaded mums!

Searching for a job in December can feel pretty dreary ~ a bit like being in one of those shaded urns on the north side. Employers and their employees are focused on wrapping up their holiday activities and finishing their business year-end. So there are usually fewer new leads of active openings in December. And even fewer activities such as interviews to move those searches forward. It can feel as if there’s very little daylight for year-end job searches, that’s for sure!

For those same reasons, December is also a time when fewer people look for and apply for the jobs open. So, if you stay active in your search through this month, you may well be surprised by a great opportunity! We have several client employers who are already anticipating their hiring for 2016 and would be happy to hire even before year-end. So don’t despair and don’t delay. December might well open a sunny window of opportunity for your job search!

Check out Frank’s Employment ~ active jobs for any promising leads. All jobs posted are active searches!

by Elyse Williamson

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