Move quickly to hire top candidates


Excellent candidates are hard to find.  When you find one, you need to move quickly.

The economy has been improving, albeit gradually.  The pace of hiring improved noticeably this year, which has made the labor market much tighter.  Some employers haven’t caught on to this reality, however, and move too slowly to successfully hire the good candidates.

An equipment sales company was looking to expand their sales department.  They contacted us because good sales people are hard to find.  After 3+ months of searching, I called to make an appointment with the Sales Manager to present an excellent candidate.  We met 2 days later.  By the time they had interviewed the candidate, twice, considered and made an offer, 3 weeks had gone by.  By then the candidate had accepted another job.

I know that hiring managers are busy.  But in this tight labor market, the excellent candidates are gone quickly and you need to move quickly to catch them.  Contact us for help in hiring, ensuring that your best candidate becomes a new employee for you, not someone else!


Craig Frank

President of Frank’s Employment


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