Toward a healthier rapport with recruiters


Leading the discussion of a TriCity Unemployment Group meeting is always a treat and a privilege for me. Our topic last evening: “10 Tips for a Healthier Rapport with Recruiters.”

A common disconnect for hiring managers

After introductions, I reflected upon the current “disconnect” that is common for managers who are hiring. Many assume that the market is still flush with ideal candidates who can be quickly found. Yet the reality is that for a variety of professional positions the qualified pool is sparse. Many also assume that their search requisitions can be filled within 2-3 days and wait until it’s that level of urgency. Yet the reality is that most professional searches take an average of 29 business days (with many taking double that!). As a result, many in-house and agency recruiters dedicate a fair portion of our time to (gently) informing the expectations of those hiring managers.

A changing paradigm for recruiters

In addition, as the workforce demographics change, the paradigm for recruiting is also shifting. It’s no longer primarily transactional: filling this job requisition. It’s now both transactional and relational: also developing longer term relationships with a talent pool of individuals we might be able to place in the future, even if we can’t place them now. As a job seeker, you may see this paradigm shift yourself as some recruiters are focused just on the immediate search, while others are also opening doors to stay in contact with you for a professional career relationship. This latter approach is the reason that our website offers you more opportunities for engagement, including the “contact us” function and the option to self-schedule a call with me to address your questions and concerns.

The tips

With those comments to contextualize the discussion, here are the basic “insider” tips from a recruiter’s perspective.

Thanks to the TriCity Unemployment Group for the invitation!

by Elyse Williamson

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