3 Tips for employee onboarding – KDHRA luncheon


KDHRA 14-09-16 B - CraigThe 2014-2014 event season for the Kane DuPage Human Resources Association kicked off with a great luncheon this week.  Craig Frank (President, Frank’s Employment) welcomed everyone with summer highlights and a great story.  The staff of newly-opened Riverside Pub treated us to a hearty and delicious meal.

KDHRA 14-09-16 E - speakerShannon Morgan, Manager of Talent Acquisition Policy for Johnson Controls, Inc., spoke on the topic of “Onboarding and Orientation Best Practices.” Johnson Controls has developed an impressive, step-by-step employee onboarding toolkit for use by their managers and supervisors. The toolkit timeline starts with pre-employment steps (such organizing desk space, ordering a nameplate, and requisitioning keys) and continues through at least the first 30 days of new employment.

  1. The toolkit includes comprehensive instruction ranging from creating a “first week” task planner to identifying an internal employee who will mentor the new employee.
  2. While the three-year process of planning and implementing the process initially met resistance from some department supervisors and managers, the leadership team is finding that this consistent orientation process better communicates corporate values and supervisor expectations, leading to better overall employee retention for this global company.
  3. The toolkit has also freed time for their HR professionals to participate more strategically in business planning and productivity.

Check out the Kane DuPage Human Resources Association website for details on upcoming events. Craig and Elyse on our staff are active members and would be happy to answer your questions.

by Elyse Williamson

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