Chamber of Commerce luncheon – insights from Peter Roskam


Craig Frank attended the federal legislative update luncheon today, sponsored by the St. Charles and Geneva Chambers of Commerce.  A great opportunity to interact with other business leaders, as well as enjoying the meal at Hilton Gardens.

Representative Peter Roskam spoke at the event, with comments focused on how more might be accomplished in Washington with an incremental approach to change, rather than trying to address big issues on a grand scale.

  • From Roskam’s perspective, we are saturated by the instant gratification culture.  We want everything done immediately but not everyone agrees on what those grand plans should be.  If we can break down the large problems into manageable components, then we find a way to agree on solutions for incremental gain.
  • Example:  Affordable Care Act, which was perhaps too large an undertaking completed in too little time.  Roskam’s opinion is that attention to two pressing problems could have better improved our health care system: the expense of health coverage; and the difficulty of getting coverage with pre-existing conditions.
  • Example: Immigration reform is stalled because the attitude in Washington is to create a grandiose all-inclusive plan, rather than working in modest steps with one or two top priorities.  Roskam’s opinion is that two pressing problems need attention at an incremental level: securing our southern border(s); and Visa overstays (40% of illegal immigrants).
2014 August CoC luncheon


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