Next steps in our website transformation


Our technical support team has quickly fixed the hidden glitches on the job board from the website transformation this week.  Job seekers should now have full functionality to find and filter our advertised openings, as well as the option to apply online, via an account, or via a profile.

We trust that you’re enjoying so many new features.  And we’re not finished yet!

Over the next few hours and days, we will be integrating content from our previously separate blogs for employers and job seekers.  Elyse’s blog for employees and job seekers, active since April of 2008, will have content migrated here.  We’ll also import the content from our staff’s blog for employers, also active since April of 2008.

We’re not yet sure whether the export/import process for blog content will display the date from the original post or the new publish here.  So, if you think you’ve read that article previously but it’s showing with a date this month, you could be correct!

We’re also adding a new blog category called “daily life.”  This includes many earlier posts from Elyse’s recruiting blog, sharing her insights, humor, and observations about life in community.  Enjoy!

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