Innovative recruiting techniques


Standard job descriptions are less and less effective in reaching best talent for your staffing needs. Especially in a highly competitive job market, employers are turning to some innovative recruiting and screening techniques to focus their efforts on top-qualified individuals and reduce their stream of less-qualified applicants.

  • Todd Raphael’s recent article for the Electronic Recruiting Exchange featured Upstream, a mobile marketing firm that used a seven-mission game to identify candidates for its gaming-related features.
  • When recruiting earlier this year for a Proofreader position with a marketing firm, we intentionally inserted 10 typographical mistakes into our advertising, asking interested applicants to send their résumés plus their list of the errors.
  • Another client needed a new salesperson with exceptional ability to recognize and target a sales lead. So our advertising for this opportunity included the name of the recruiter and her contact information. Qualified individuals who visited, called, or at least personalized their cover letter were given first access ~ and one was successfully hired.

What creative and innovative recruiting techniques have you found useful for finding top talent?

Republished with permission (including modest content and format edits). Originally published by Elyse on our employer blog in 2011.

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